How to Modify Ford F-150 Steering Wheel

Are you driving a Ford F-150? It's incredibly cool and exciting. After all, such a car is a dream for many motorists. However, you want something new when you drive such a car for a long time and get used to it. Over time, drivers desire to change or add new things to the car's appearance. In the case of such a car, a Ford F-150 steering wheel upgrade is your option. For this, you just need the right tools and know the right process technique.

Modification of the control wheel is like a renewal for your car. The possibilities are endless, from replacing a Ford F-150 carbon fiber steering wheel to adding convenient features. So, do you want to add convenience or aesthetics to your car? Or maybe you just need to update the functionality of the steering wheel?

A car steering wheel is not only a means of control. It is also an expression of your style. Steering wheel modification can give you more control and enjoyment on every ride. And if you want to make your trips more comfortable, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the details of the steps of modifying the Ford F-150 steering wheel. We will tell you what tools you need for this, how to do it correctly, and give some tips. So, let's explore it together.

Choosing the Right Steering Wheel Modification

Steering wheels are what determine the quality of your ride. Thus, it should be pleasant to the touch, comfortable to use, and functional. How to make it better? You can accept a Ford F-150 custom steering wheel or renew it independently. But before that, choose the proper steering wheel modification in steps:

  1. First, figuring out exactly what aspects you want to change in your wheel is crucial. Would you like a sporty design, or is the comfort of use important? Determine what your priority is. It will help you choose a suitable modification.
  2. Once you've chosen your perfect style, it's time to get to the details. Consider the size and shape of the steering wheel. Do you want more control by choosing a smaller diameter? Or do you want more comfort by increasing its size? Also, remember the texture of the handles. They should provide good grip and comfort during driving.
  3. Consider the diameter of the steering wheel. Sometimes drivers want to take too rough one at the expense of solid appearance. But in practice, it is not convenient for all. That's why it's crucial to choose a wheel that has the right diameter and thickness for your hand.

With the help of such determinants, you can choose the right option for the Ford F-150 steering wheel upgrade and be sure that it is compatible with your vehicle. The main thing is to follow your preferences.

Assessing Your Modification Goals

Are you planning to make your car special and unique? The first thing you should consider is assessing your modification goals:

  • Budget and realism
  • Remember that some projects can be expensive and need significant expenses. Choose goals that match your financial capabilities.

  • Contact the experts
  • If you do not have enough experience in auto mechanics, it is better to contact professionals. Qualified experts can tell you and carry out modifications to suit your needs.

  • Long-term perspective
  • Make decisions based on more than immediate results. Consider how they will affect the long-term operation of the car. Think what the performance of, for example, the 2017 Ford F-150 steering wheel will be after some time. For instance, Dyna performance is one of the top ones.

    Exploring Different Steering Wheel Styles

    Aren't you sure which steering wheel to choose for your car? You can select an aftermarket steering wheel for the Ford F-150 or something newer. But in general, there are the following most popular types of wheels:

  • Classic style
  • A directional wheel with a regular round design is an eternal classic. This style is suitable for everyone who appreciates simplicity and comfort.

  • Sports style
  • Do you want to add powerfulness to your car? The wheel with refined inserts, a flat lower edge, and contrasting seams will create the atmosphere of a race track. This style will emphasize your inner sporty essence.

  • Personalized style
  • If you want something individual, you can order a personalized steering wheel. Choose your materials, colors, and designs to create the wheel of your dreams.

    Tools and Materials You'll Need

    Tools and Materials You'll Need

    Do you dream of giving your Ford F-150 a unique character? Changing its wheel is a great way to express your personality through your car. To turn this idea into reality, you need an arsenal of the right tools:

    • First, you'll need a set of hand tools. A wrench and screwdrivers are the tools that will help you disassemble the old wheel. After that, you can install the new one with them. It is advisable to have devices of different sizes and types.¬†
    • Next, you need materials. Choose a high-quality upholstery material that matches your style and requirements. It is critical to determine whether you want to keep the original look of the wheel or create a unique design.
    • Also, you'll need a removable key no matter what you plan to do with the steering wheel. Make sure you have the correct key size for your Ford F-150 model. After all, we do not know whether you upgrade the 2015 Ford F-150 steering wheel or the 2020 Ford F-150 steering wheel. Depending on your model of car, choose a removable key for it.

    Having prepared all the necessary tools, you can start the further process.

    Required Tools for the Modification

    Besides the leading tools, modifying the Ford F-150 steering wheel needs others. They are essential for the quality performance of the process:

    • Pliers

    This tool will help you disconnect electrical connectors and wiring if necessary.

    • Pin and needle

    You will need a pin and needle to modify the steering wheel cover. They will help you carefully remove the old trim and attach the new one.

    • Wipes and solution

    Have this ready before the process. It is to clean the surface of the steering wheel and its parts before installing the new steering wheel.

    Optional Customization Materials

    Here are some top materials that will turn your wheel into a masterpiece:

  • Leather upholstery
  • You can choose a new leather upholstery for your steering wheel. It will give it individual style and comfortable delight.

  • Lining with colored stitching
  • Contrast stitching on the trim can create the impression of a luxurious design. It adds originality to your steering wheel.

  • Carbon fiber
  • It is known for its incredible lightness and, at the same time, high strength. So, the Ford F-150 carbon fiber steering wheel will give your steering wheel not only a stylish look. It will also maintain its reliability.

    Step-by-Step Modification Process

    Step-by-Step Modification Process

    The Ford F-150 steering wheel modification process involves a series of actions. This procedure demands a deep understanding of automotive mechanics and design principles. Understanding this, you guarantee yourself a safe and functional result.

    The process begins with thoroughly evaluating the current steering structure and components. This assessment helps determine the feasibility of making the desired changes. After completing the evaluation, observing caution, you should start disassembling the steering wheel. It is to avoid damage to surrounding components.

    Changes in the steering wheel's appearance often involve using new materials. It can be in leather or with unique finishes that give it a personal and luxurious look. On the other hand, functional improvements may include integrating new control buttons. That is, the Ford F-150 steering wheel upgrade depends on your preferences. But the most critical thing in this process is accuracy. Pay attention to fastening and connection. It is so that your result is long-lasting and of high quality.

    Removing the Original Steering Wheel

    It is the first step to creating an unforgettable car steering wheel. Carefully remove the original wheel from the steering column using the correct tools. Remove the trim panel covering the steering wheel mount. Next, bend the rack lock and, holding a right angle, remove the mounting bolts. Be careful and follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can also turn to specialists if you need extra guidance.

    Preparing the New Steering Wheel

    Before establishing a new steering wheel, prepare it for installation. If you have purchased a new steering wheel, ensure it is compatible with your car. Because there are many options. It can be the 2017 Ford F-150 steering wheel or aftermarket steering wheel for Ford F-150. So, pay attention to the models and follow the instructions.

    Installing the New Steering Wheel

    Now is the time to start an essential part of the process. To install a new steering wheel, align it correctly with the steering column. Carefully fasten with the help of mounting elements. Then make sure the directional wheels are secured. It is to avoid any movement or instability. Use the correct tools to tighten screws and connections. But do not drag them to prevent wheel or steering column damage.

    Wiring and Electrical Adjustments

    Wiring is not just ordinary wires and connectors. It is the nervous system of the car. It provides signal transmission, power, and communication between various components. Choosing the right cables, conductors, and connectors has a big role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the entire system. 

    Wiring and electrical setup for a Ford F-150 steering wheel modification is not hard. It allows you to realize your super ideas and make your car unique. But even though it does not need high skills, it is still a very serious matter. After all, you have to understand the process of the cables in the wheel and work with them correctly.

    Most importantly, before starting any electrical work, always turn off the car's battery. It will avoid potential short circuits. Once everything is ready, carefully upgrade the Ford F-150 steering wheel.

    Transferring Buttons and Controls

    Sometimes, there is a need to move buttons and control levers in a car. This procedure requires attention to detail. First, consider which functions you need to migrate. And then find the optimal new location for them. Also, disassemble the control panel, disconnect the wires, and mark their places for further connection. After moving, ensure you securely fasten all components and well stretch the cables.

    Handling Airbag Wiring and Safety

    When working with airbag wiring, you should be especially careful and ensure safety. Even the slightest carelessness can lead to danger for you. Thus, before starting any manipulations, ensure you turn off the ignition. Disconnect the vehicle battery and be careful with the airbag wiring. If you do not have experience, it is better to contact professionals.

    Final Adjustments and Testing

    Final Adjustments and Testing

    Now, you're one step closer to completing the steering wheel process. So making the final adjustments is essential. At this stage, focus on ensuring proper alignment and tightness. For what? Alignment is critical in your car. After all, it can affect steering and tire wear. So, after modifying the Ford F-150 carbon fiber steering wheel, check all the car's functions. When you hold the steering wheel in your hands, it should feel cozy.

    Additionally, it is crucial that you find it simple and comfortable to adjust. It's crucial to perform final checks to keep your car operating correctly. Your driving will be safe and comfortable as a result. Never skip this phase, and proceed cautiously at all times. It is to guarantee that your vehicle is road-ready.

    Ensuring Proper Alignment Fit

    Ensuring proper alignment and fit:

    - Make sure you position the new steering components correctly and securely.

    - Perform adjustments and alignments to ensure accuracy and ease of use.

    - Check all connections and fasteners to avoid deviations from the wheel.

    Testing All Functions and Controls

    Testing all functions and controls:

    - Check that all buttons, controls, and wires work correctly.

    - Make sure all functions respond to touch without lags or interruptions.

    - Test the airbag and all electronic systems to ensure they work correctly.

    - Make necessary adjustments and calibrations to ensure optimal control performance.

    Safety Considerations and Tips

    A driver's success on the road depends on their steering wheel. After all, this is the device that controls the entire car. And if it is faulty or difficult to adjust, it can lead to accidents. To avoid this, it is critical to do everything right during the Ford F-150 steering wheel upgrade. Consider all the details of this process. And do everything strictly according to the instructions.

    Usually, drivers ignore specific rules regarding such a new steering wheel. They may choose too large a steering wheel diameter. Accordingly, it leads to inconvenience for management. But this is very dangerous. So, in any case, you should not chase after fashionable wide wheels. It is important to choose the one that is first of all convenient. The Ford F-150 carbon fiber steering wheel excelled in this. Their material is comfortable to the touch while attractive. So follow these safety tips to feel safe while driving.

    Disconnecting the Battery for Safety

    It is one of the most important safety tips. Before starting any work with the steering wheel, disconnect the battery. It will protect you from possible electrical risk and prevent accidental overclocking of the system. And it also allows you to avoid unintentional activation of the airbag. Thus, disconnecting the battery will avoid possible risks during operation.

    Following Manufacturer Guidelines

    Safety is the main priority in any auto mechanic work. It is especially true for the Ford F-150 steering wheel modification. So, always following the manufacturer's recommendations when modifying the steering wheel is essential. The manufacturer has provided instructions for properly installing and adjusting vehicle components. Following these guides is critical, no matter how skilled you are at auto mechanics. It provides safety and a quality result of this process while driving.


    So, modifying the Ford F-150 steering wheel is quite an interesting solution. After all, you give your car something new by changing its wheel. The look of the new steering wheel gives the interior sophistication and exclusivity. The main thing is to decide on your wheel type and whether it is compatible with your car.

    Contact Dyna if you are looking for great options for a Ford F-150 carbon fiber steering wheel or something similar. You will find only quality, durability, and beauty in our assortment. Our steering heels have the highest quality of materials, attracting drivers. So, choose your option to update the look of your cool Ford F-150 faster.